Procedure Skintyte

Have you noticed your skin becoming laxer and looser as time goes on? This happens because of the natural decrease in collagen and elastin that occurs with aging.

If you want to tighten and firm your loose skin, consider SkinTyte®. This treatment uses innovative Sciton laser technology for skin tightening at the cellular level and creates a more youthful appearance on your face and body.

The Heights Plastic Surgery Med Spa offers SkinTyte in the San Antonio area. Contact us online or by phone to find out more about this skin tightening treatment.

How This Skin Tightening Treatment Works

SkinTyte treatment relies on infrared light technology to improve the appearance of lax or loose skin. We use a handheld device to emit this light into the deeper layers of your skin, leading to changes at the cellular level. This unique light energy can also stimulate new collagen production, leading to a skin tightening and firming effect.

SkinTyte is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that can take as little as 30 minutes. There is no prolonged recovery or downtime required afterward.

SkinTyte Benefits

  • Light-based skin tightening treatment
  • Results last about 3-12 months
  • Virtually no downtime
  • About 30 min treatment session
  • No anesthetic needed
  • Only about 3-5 treatments needed
  • Approximately 20 min recovery time
  • Good for all skin types

What It Treats

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Elasticity loss
  • Sagging Skin

SkinTyte FAQs

Skin tightening treatment plans can vary from person to person, but you will likely need multiple SkinTyte sessions to see results. Expect to schedule somewhere between three and five sessions. We recommend coming in for a consultation to determine how many sessions you will need, depending on the results you are looking for.

Like with any aesthetic procedure, it will take time to see results from SkinTyte, but most patients see immediate results with gradual full results showing up after three months.

Most patients feel a sense of a slight warmth emitted from the device. 

SkinTyte is effective on all skin types and tones. Your technician will develop a unique skin tightening treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

You can return to your normal activities immediately after your skin tightening session. Most people resume wearing makeup and applying other skincare products the same day.

Discover Your Inner Glow at Our San Antonio Med Spa

Has your skin gotten loose or lax with age? Sagging skin and laxity are common — but fortunately, there is an effective solution with SkinTyte treatment.

SkinTyte stimulates collagen production for a more youthful appearance. Find out more about this skin tightening treatment by scheduling a consultation with The Heights Plastic Surgery Med Spa in San Antonio at (210) 201-4114.